Flow Gallery

A grid based gallery to showcase your photos, audio and video


Gallery Demos

Key Features

Multimedia Gallery

Show photos, audio and video including Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion videos.

Two Types of Grids

Arrange gallery items either in columns or in rows.

Supports Albums

Option to create multiple gallery albums/sets.

Various Item Styles

Items can be shown as cards or as tiles. Also albums can be shown with stacked effect or as tiles.

Titles & Descriptions

Items can have titles and/or descriptions with various options of showing them based on item display style.

Animation Options

There are numerous options of animating item/album entrances, titles, descriptions and the lightbox.

Filter Items

Filter items by their file type (photo/audio/video), custom categories or through text search.

Sort Items

Sort items by their titles, categories or custom parameters provided by you.

Customizable Menu Bar

Show/hide the various menu bar components, fix the menu bar on page scroll, or even hide it completely.

HTML5 Player

HTML5 playback of audio/video files with Flash fallback.

Deep Linking Support

Get links to individual items, with album support, allowing you to bookmark/share them.

Chunk Loading

Load items in chunks which can either be loaded manually or automatically as the page is scrolled.

Social Sharing

Allow sharing of items to popular social media sites from within the gallery.

Folder Scanning

Option to build your gallery by scanning a folder of photos, with support for albums.


Display your photos' EXIF data as item descriptions.

Cache Data

Enable caching of data to have faster loading. Useful for Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion, folder scanning, EXIF extraction.

API Functions

Several useful developer friendly API functions and events have been provided.

Responsive Design

The gallery has a fully responsive design and has been optimized for viewing in mobile, retina and touch screens.

All Configurable Options